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If you know any php scripts which are very useful and can be rated as best or top rated php script (commercial or free), you can submit us the script details using the form below. Please carefully submit authors name, homepage link and select a suitable category.

As of 2010, we are unable to accept commercial scripts free of charge. We charge one time fee to include the scripts under normal listings.

1. Express Inclusion

We accept free or commercial php scripts which will be listed in our site under respective categories for a small one time fee.

  • Guaranteed Inclusion with 24-48hrs
  • Script title with short description.
  • Cost: US$ 30.- (one time fee)

Please see an example

2. Free Inclusion

  • Script must be written in PHP.
  • Inclusion NOT guaranteed.
  • Only Open Source PHP scripts accepted
  • You may not submit any scripts that violate copyrights or trademarks owned by persons or third parties without their permission.

If you have suggestions to list a script please email me gosubmit [att] gmail [dott] com.

Please note that free inclusions are not guaranteed for inclusion. If you want inclusion to be guaranteed, please select express inclusion.

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Image Usage: If your PHP script is accepted and published in our site you can paste "Best PHP Script Rated" image in your website with a reciprocal link back to our homepage. see link to us page