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 If you want to add a search capability in your site containing large number of pages, then you will need to install a free or commercial version of search engine script written in php. These search engines use built in spidering, indexing and will deliver efficient search results as opposed to using standard mysql search in your website..

PhpDig is a web spider and search engine written in PHP. It can support full text indexing and can supporting flat files and mysql database. This search engine can index PDF, Word, Excel,...
License: Free | Added on: 2007-04-22 | Votes: 19 | Details | Visit
A good light weight search engine script runs with php and mysql. It has its own spidering and indexing software for intranet crawling and indexing of your website. You can customize the...
License: Free | Added on: 2007-04-22 | Votes: 16 | Details | Visit
iSearch is a PHP search engine script with its own spider and indexer. It can create a whole searchable index of your website and return results for particular search query or keywords. It has...
License: Free | Added on: 2007-06-09 | Votes: 10 | Details | Visit
Search Engine
PHP script to add search engine functionality in your website. It will spider your website pages and display a search form for query. It has output advanced search results as well.
License: Free | Added on: 2007-11-10 | Votes: 19 | Details | Visit
The Search Engine Project
TSEP is a powerful search engine for PHP based websites.
License: Free | Added on: 2007-08-26 | Votes: 10 | Details | Visit
Site Index
The script will spider website and extract all anchor links as well as image, script, and style source URLs. The script recognizes different URLs that refer to the same location.
License: Free | Added on: 2008-02-08 | Votes: 11 | Details | Visit
PHP Crawl
A free PHP library class for for crawling and spidering websites. It is free to download under GPL.
License: Free | Added on: 2009-12-12 | Votes: 12 | Details | Visit

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